Sucked in the wonderful autumn pheremones of rural Alabama for the first time in September, 1932.

Raised in Alabama, Graduated Lowndes County High School, Fort Deposit, Alabama in 1950.

4 years USAF during the Korean War, taking care of the Western Front (France) for 3 years.

Attended Auburn University, BSEE 1958. Worked for two years as a civilian engineer for the AF, on Bomb-Navigation Systems for the B-52.

Migrated to Huntsville, NASA, then to the US Army Missile Command. Retired in 1979 at age 47 (Love that Government Retirement).

Went to work with Raytheon Company, on Patriot Technical Staff. Retired from Raytheon as a Weapons Systems Analysis Manager in 2000.

Taught for 3 years, now back in the Aerospace business. More checks are good.


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