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Pig Slop

The Hogs never get credit for the National Championship in 1964, but they did win the Grantland Rice award and trophy for the National Championship that year. So, it's official and I hope everyone understands that Arkansas does have one National Championship season.

Pig Slop

Forgot to mention that this was a great blog! Very, very interesting and informative!!

alabama commando

Did you look at the NCAA website at all? It lists 17 different years that Alabama was named NC by some organization or another. They don't claim all of them as you try to claim. What a crock of @#$%


There was no Golf Digest national championship for Auburn. It was a photoshop joke that went around after Tuberville told the AP that he'd take ANY National Title even one from Golf Digest.

Your argument is otherwise very, very valid. Georgia Tech is the same as Bama with their 6 national titles. Of which only 1 or 2 have any real legitimacy at all.

But your discredit yourself with the People's National Championship which was awarded by a lone idiot with a web site, and the Eufala times + the Golf Digest thing which never happened.


I'm not the original author, but I thought it good enough to reprint as a post.

I would be more than happy to post dissenting views with facts.

jeremy king

Since you are such an expert on national championships,why dont you go back to those"bogus"seasons that you claim alabama didnt legitimately win a trophy,tell us who the real national champions were for that same year,then apply the same criteria to those other teams,and it will automatically rule out any team as sure you will be able to"appoint"your own champions for each of those seasons.who should have won the title in 1966?is alabama's 1946 season any less legitimate than auburn's 2004 undefeated run?auburn and tennessee fans need to let go of this tired arguement.maybe by focusing on your own teams,a respectful legacy may eventually develope.


i hate you, you just like to crock shit out the side of your neck. roll tide, and we have 6 nc's under bear bryant alone. and in 1966 we should have been nc's because we went completely undefeated. so fuck you. roll tide shoot down the war eagle and skin aubie.


Who should have won the 1925 title? Alabama was 10-0 and won the Rose Bowl.

What about 1926? Alabama and Stanford were both undefeated, and then tied in the Rose Bowl. A split title isn't valid there?

In 1930 Alabama went undefreated and won the Rose Bowl. They had the exact same record as Notre Dame and Notre Dame didn't play in a bowl game at all.

In 1934, Alabama went undefeated and beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl again.

I'll grant that '41 is bogus. You don't dispute '61. '64 was an AP title. In '65 there was no undefeated contender. Alabama does share this one with Mich. St., but the Spartans lost their bowl game.

In '66 Alabama got utterly hosed. They were the two time defending national champions and went undefeated. This makes up for '41.

Alabama probably shouldn't have won in '73, but the next 3 were all legit.

By my count that's 11 national championships.

As far as Auburn goes, I'll give you 1913 if you don't count years where the school was on probation ('57 and '93).

So I guess you're right, it's not 12 to 1, it's 11 to 1. Congratulations.


This is just the usual things you hear from a usual aubie fan. So funny that I am sending this to all my Bama friends. :)


Haha. Are you serious? Did you really do all this just to prove that? When in reality, you need to be worried about Auburns 1, National Championship.


that's right we're the
eufala times
national champions

war damn eagle


I check out thos sites you talk about and actually the ncaa doesn't rewards national champioships and list everybody that gives out one so if bama was as bad as you say they where they'd claimed 17 but i agree the 41 one we didn't win that one we was 3rd in the sec, the wikipedia site you listed gives bama 11 not counting the 41 championship and not are fault that the AP keep naming national champs before bowls. so say what you want any way slice wether u say we have 6 or we say we have 12 or somewhere in between still have more then auburn wether you claim 1 or 5 don't matter


Wow, you really spent a bit of time making an argument. Too bad I didn't read it because it sounds like a jealous tirade. Let’s just say that we should rewrite history for you... How many titles should be removed? It is still more than Auburn. So, I don’t think that it is a smart argument that you should make. Have fun and keep holding your breath. Maybe you should also investigate to see if performance enhancing drugs were actually developed back then and used by Alabama back in the day. Maybe you would have a more believable argument? I bet Auburn fans might enjoy it. Before you do that, check the National Enquirer because they might have some good stories on that. You are wrong on one more thing, it is a "Crimson State"!

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